Do You Have Musical Theater Trust Issues?

Date November 27, 2012

I was coming up out of the Subway into Times Square the other day and, not surprisingly, was thinking about new musicals. Just then, I witnessed the perfect metaphor for the writer – producer relationship in musical theater. You’ve probably seen this very thing before if you’ve ever taken the subway… The elevator was broken […]

Help is on the way for your new musical!

Date October 29, 2012

The weather outside is frightful… but the gift giving season has come early to Make Musicals as we roll out The New Musicals Awards and Festivals List! Subscribers to Make Musicals will have free access to our comprehensive, frequently updated, running list of awards, festivals and development opportunities for new musicals. We hope this list […]

Beware of Being the Belle of the (Musical) Ball

Date October 15, 2012

I just wrapped up a wonderful weekend of discovering new musicals and reconnecting with musical theater colleagues from around the country at the National Alliance of Musical Theatre (NAMT). It’s always a treat to spend a few days celebrating, solving and evolving the field of musical theater with the smartest brains in the biz. The […]

Based On A True Story

Date July 23, 2012

These days, when new musicals so often come pre-branded, there’s the temptation to write a musical “based on a true story.” And it’s not a bad idea, look at Jersey Boys, Once, Evita, Newsies, Les Mis… It can really work! However, often writers get caught up in the “true story” part and forget that the […]

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