For A Good Time…er…Musical, Call…

Date April 30, 2012

Just a quick public service announcement… Privacy is a hot button issue these days, but in some musical theater related cases it’s not in your best interest to lock down your contact info. I was reminded of this recently as we were narrowing down the festival finalists for the New Musicals Festival I’m working on […]

Apply Now! Current New Musical Development Opportunities

Date January 1, 2012

Happy 2012! This year, consider making it your New Year’s resolution to submit the new musical in your life to a new works festival or development opportunity. I’ve listed below a handful of excellent programs that are currently accepting submissions. I know the wonderful people who run all of these programs and I can tell […]

Your New Musical: Why This? Why Now?

Date August 18, 2011

The festival of new musicals wrapped up last weekend at Village Theatre and I’m pleased to report it was a huge success! Village’s Executive Producer, Robb Hunt, and I took a moment to sit down over drinks to discuss where we envision each of the new musicals going in the future. I can say without […]

Musical Moment: An Interview With Brian Yorkey

Date August 8, 2011

It’s less than a week before the New Musicals Festival I’m producing at Village Theatre. Producing a festival with 6 new musicals, 14 writers, 126 cast members and a few dozen of directors, stage managers, music directors, and technicians is both incredibly wonderful and maddeningly stressful. I decided to get some advice from the man […]

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