What Your Musical Can Learn From Presidential Politics

Date December 12, 2011

As the presidential primaries heat up, I can’t help but see similarities between a president’s path to the White House and a musical’s path to Broadway. In presidential politics, it’s not enough to be smart and capable of running the country. Just as in musical theater, it’s not enough to be talented and have a […]

Dear Make Musicals… Pest vs Self-Promoter?

Date July 1, 2011

Dear Make Musicals, Say you have a connection to a producer, literary manager or theater company and have been invited to send along some of your new musical’s material. Is there any appropriate way or time to follow up without being a pest? There would be exceptions to every rule, of course, but is there […]

New Musical Marketing: Choose Your Words Wisely

Date June 14, 2011

We’re going to talk about your new musical’s sales pitch again today. If you think this isn’t hugely important, I implore you to think again. The words you use to describe your new musical could make or break your chances of success! A perfect example of this is a story my Broadway producer friend, Pam, […]

The Step You MUST Take Today to Ensure Your Musical’s Future

Date May 24, 2011

Today, I just have just one very important question for you: DO YOU OWN YOUR SHOW’S DOMAIN NAME? As in, www.insertyourmusicalstitlehere.com? If your answer is no, do it now. RIGHT NOW. It’s cheap, easy and absolutely vital to the future of your show. I recently did a random search of shows that have come across […]

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