Sex in the City and Musicals on Your TV

Date February 27, 2011

OK, confession time:  Despite that fact that I should be spending every free moment of my time reading festival submission scripts, I may have taken a few breaks to watch some of the Christmas gifted, Sex and the City DVDs that I’ve been slowly working my way through. Can you really blame a girl for […]

How to Blow a Festival or Theater Gig for Your Musical

Date February 25, 2011

You’ve worked so hard to get it from idea to page. You found the right librettist and composer, you worked out most of the bugs and you’ve decided your baby’s ready for the stage. After all your hard work, networking and submitting, you’ve been accepted by a theater or festival. It’s all happening — before […]


Date February 6, 2011

Your new musical is never going anywhere, no matter how good it is, if your descriptions, synopsis and tagline are all a 3.

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