To Pick A Winning Musical, Follow Your Heart

Date December 19, 2011

At Sardi’s last week I ran across a much maligned theater columnist who, though quick to skewer the latest Broadway offerings, also knows more about about theater than just about anyone I’ve ever met. While he’s quick to point out the showbiz losers, I was curious to know what he recommends to producers who are […]

What Your Musical Can Learn From Presidential Politics

Date December 12, 2011

As the presidential primaries heat up, I can’t help but see similarities between a president’s path to the White House and a musical’s path to Broadway. In presidential politics, it’s not enough to be smart and capable of running the country. Just as in musical theater, it’s not enough to be talented and have a […]

Budgeting: Avoid Short Changing Your New Musical

Date November 14, 2011

For some of you, this may be a no brainer but I thought it was worth mentioning… Have you ever produced a musical, a workshop or a reading and said, “wow, we have no money!”? While most of us have said that at one time or another, I bet it’s not entirely true. You probably […]

You Don’t Own Me: Fun Facts About Musical Copyrights

Date November 6, 2011

Say you’ve written a musical. You have a solid draft and you’re ready to take it to the world… A FILM PRODUCER approaches you and offers to BUY your musical script. You get a nice chunk of change upfront and bid goodbye to your project. It may make it to the screen, it may not. […]

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