5 Simple Tips For Musical Theatre Festival Success

Date July 28, 2011

As the producer of Village Theater’s Festival of New Musicals it is my goal to not only provide a useful, fun and supportive opportunity for 6 new shows and their creators, but also to help each of them maximize their experience in the festival. Whether you are a veteran at new works festivals or new […]

Personal Training in Musical Theater: You Better Work!

Date May 26, 2011

Now that summer is approaching, I’m starting my annual get-in-shape-for-summer workout routine. Here’s how it works. I plan out some sort of exercise that I’ll do for an hour every day for 3 months to tighten and tone all that needs tightening and toning. Now, here’s what actually happens: I work out every day for […]

Musical Moment: An Interview with Book Writer, Thomas Meehan

Date February 9, 2011

What if the work you did was famous but still, no one really knew who you were? This is the occupational hazard for a musical’s book writer or librettist. “I’m not really famous, but the shows I’ve done are famous,” says three-time Tony Award winning book writer Tom Meehan. “I don’t need to put myself […]


Date February 6, 2011

Your new musical is never going anywhere, no matter how good it is, if your descriptions, synopsis and tagline are all a 3.

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