Musical Moment Interview Series: Jason Robert Brown

Date June 23, 2011

The subject of today’s interview, Jason Robert Brown, requires no introduction. In fact, as a Make Musicals reader, I would be shocked if a quick scan of your ipod playlists didn’t reveal at least one of this Tony Award winner’s acclaimed shows be it Last Five Years, Parade, 13, or Songs For A New World. […]

Why Debbie Reynolds Can’t Save Your New Musical

Date June 16, 2011

You may be a brilliant musical composer, lyricist, or writer but my real question today is CAN YOU SING? This is an important question because you will be in the spotlight time and time again and whether you like it or not, there will be no Debbie Reynolds or Marni Nixon hiding behind a curtain […]

Breaking the Rules of Social Media: Making Musicals

Date April 11, 2011

We’re going to break some social media rules today. If you’ve ever had to market a new musical you know that there are subtle and not so subtle ways to get the word out and social media rules would tell you that posting a shameless plug for your show in the comments of an industry […]

5 Ways to Get Noticed by a Theater Company

Date April 4, 2011

In the business of making musicals, whether you’re a new writer, director, producer or actor this is a business where it pays to “know people.” And some of the most important people to know are the ones who run the theaters. They’re also the most busy and while it’s always good to get in front […]

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