Musical Moment Interview Series: Actress Liz Baltes

Date July 7, 2011

Today we’ll be talking about new musicals from the actor’s perspective! You’ll need many talented, thoughtful, risk-taking and patient performers along the way to share in the triumphs, agony,  sacrifices and successes on your new musical’s journey. Actress, Liz Baltes, experienced first hand what an actor must give (and give up) in her multi-year, multi-city […]

A “Smash”ing new musical on the small screen

Date June 21, 2011

Just a quick public service announcement today. If you are a musical theater junkie and haven’t seen the trailer for the newly picked up NBC TV drama SMASH, you need to see it NOW!

New Musical Marketing: Choose Your Words Wisely

Date June 14, 2011

We’re going to talk about your new musical’s sales pitch again today. If you think this isn’t hugely important, I implore you to think again. The words you use to describe your new musical could make or break your chances of success! A perfect example of this is a story my Broadway producer friend, Pam, […]

4 Reasons To Keep Your New Born Musical Out of NYC

Date June 10, 2011

Whether or not you live in NYC you probably dream of getting your musical on its feet in the city that never sleeps. However,  when your musical is still in its infancy, don’t discount the advantages of working out the kinks in your hometown or a friendly city somewhere far from the bright lights of […]

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