Bring Back The 3 Act Musical!

Date January 4, 2012

Here’s what we know… Fact: Our audience’s attention spans are getting shorter. Social media, video games and TV are actually re-wiring our brain’s attention span. Seriously. Fact: Our audiences are addicted to technology and get downright agitated if they can’t get a regular fix of email, facebook, sports scores, twitter, etc. Fact: Musical theater is […]

Inspiration is for Amateurs

Date November 27, 2011

I love talking with my good friend, lyricist Don Black, because like anyone who makes a living with words, he’s full of fabulous quotes and anecdotes. One of his favorites, and now mine, is: “Jule Styne, the great Broadway composer, once said a great thing to me: ‘Inspiration is for amateurs.’” And Mr. Black and […]

5 Simple Tips For Musical Theatre Festival Success

Date July 28, 2011

As the producer of Village Theater’s Festival of New Musicals it is my goal to not only provide a useful, fun and supportive opportunity for 6 new shows and their creators, but also to help each of them maximize their experience in the festival. Whether you are a veteran at new works festivals or new […]

Musical Moment Interview Series: Jason Robert Brown

Date June 23, 2011

The subject of today’s interview, Jason Robert Brown, requires no introduction. In fact, as a Make Musicals reader, I would be shocked if a quick scan of your ipod playlists didn’t reveal at least one of this Tony Award winner’s acclaimed shows be it Last Five Years, Parade, 13, or Songs For A New World. […]

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