Are You Drinking Your Musical’s Kool-Aid?

Date February 1, 2012

I was having a drink (not Kool-Aid) the other night with a fellow producer and we were discussing how vital it is for musical theater producers to know when they’ve been drinking their musical’s Kool-Aid. By this I mean, know when you are too close to your new musical to truly evaluate it from your […]

How to be a Broadway Visionary: Action!

Date June 7, 2011

Some of the highest praise producers and creators in musical theater receive is that they are visionary. And they have to be, right? Like all artistic endeavors, this is a business of creating something from nothing, over and over again, with no road map or absolutes. In fact, in this business, being a visionary is […]

What it Costs to Make a Musical: A Reality Check

Date March 10, 2011

We all  know it’s not polite to talk about money but if you are writing, producing or putting on a musical, its vital to understand what you’re getting into in “real” dollars and cents. It’s important to note, that there are as many exceptions, as there are rules (and cast and orchestra size can make […]

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