The Alternative To A Thick Skin

Date April 24, 2012

Throughout my musical theater career, I’ve been told on countless occasions that to survive in this business I’d better develop a thicker skin. While that’s great advice, it’s just not going to happen. My skin is what it is. Permeable and penetrable. The inevitable rejections, missed opportunities, and bruised feelings that I have endured in […]

Are You Drinking Your Musical’s Kool-Aid?

Date February 1, 2012

I was having a drink (not Kool-Aid) the other night with a fellow producer and we were discussing how vital it is for musical theater producers to know when they’ve been drinking their musical’s Kool-Aid. By this I mean, know when you are too close to your new musical to truly evaluate it from your […]

5 Simple Tips For Musical Theatre Festival Success

Date July 28, 2011

As the producer of Village Theater’s Festival of New Musicals it is my goal to not only provide a useful, fun and supportive opportunity for 6 new shows and their creators, but also to help each of them maximize their experience in the festival. Whether you are a veteran at new works festivals or new […]

Sneak Peek Inside A Musical Theater Festival: Part 1

Date July 18, 2011

Starting today, I’ll be spending a month in Seattle and though we all know that the Northwest is the ideal place to enjoy the summer, I’ll be there on official Make Musicals business. I’m producing Village Theatre’s Festival of New Musicals. If you’re an avid maker of musicals, odds are you are entirely familiar with […]

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