Inspiration from an Icon: Legendary Lyricist, Don Black

Date October 31, 2011

I had the great pleasure of having dinner recently with the legendary British lyricist, Don Black. Besides being known for some of musical theater’s most eloquent and memorable lyrics in shows ranging from Sunset Boulevard and Tell Me On a Sunday to Bombay Dreams and Bonnie and Clyde, he’s also responsible for 100’s of pop […]

Your New Musical: Why This? Why Now?

Date August 18, 2011

The festival of new musicals wrapped up last weekend at Village Theatre and I’m pleased to report it was a huge success! Village’s Executive Producer, Robb Hunt, and I took a moment to sit down over drinks to discuss where we envision each of the new musicals going in the future. I can say without […]

Could Broadway’s David Merrick be successful in 2011?

Date April 6, 2011

WWDMD (or What Would David Merrick Do?) I can confidently say that every producer colleague of mine has an admiration often bordering on obsession for this notorious producer. In addition to producing a massive number of Broadway shows in his day, he was better known for being ruthless, mean-spirited, prone to start fights with anyone […]

5 Ways to Get Noticed by a Theater Company

Date April 4, 2011

In the business of making musicals, whether you’re a new writer, director, producer or actor this is a business where it pays to “know people.” And some of the most important people to know are the ones who run the theaters. They’re also the most busy and while it’s always good to get in front […]

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