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What the hell does “in good faith” mean?

Date July 18, 2013

As a theater producer, a lot of contracts come across my desk. Option agreements, employment deals, production contracts. These are epic documents that lay out the deal and then proceed to outline every imaginable way that things could go wrong and try to protect each party’s interests should any of the worst case scenarios come […]

Would you jump through “hoops” for your musical?

Date June 28, 2013

With basketball season coming to an end  (or at least that’s what my sporty friends tell me) I’ve been thinking about teams. I know  little about basketball –  my experience is mostly limited to elementary school and not ever being able to make a single free throw.  But what I do know is that the […]

The Hidden Costs of Writing A Musical

Date March 26, 2013

These days, we’re all very familiar with the multi-million dollar sticker shock that comes with mounting a musical. We’re even well aware that every musical will need to go through months and years of costly development before it fully comes to life. But before any of that can happen, the musical has to be written.


Who’s Your Broadway Valentine?

Date January 19, 2013

As the country prepares to celebrate the upcoming holiday of hearts and kisses, we here at Make Musicals are going to share a little love with the people who inspire us in this crazy, wonderful business of show. Care to join us? It’s simple! Just write an email of gratitude to someone in the theater […]

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