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Don’t Tell Me You Wrote The Next Broadway Hit

Date January 14, 2013

Don’t tell me you have the next Broadway hit on your hands. You may have written a great draft of a script, have a brilliant idea for a show, or have licensed a hot movie property or musical catalog. But that alone does not a hit make. To truly have a hit on your hands […]

A 5,6,7,8…The numbers are in!

Date December 19, 2012

Are you a huge theater fan? Well, you’re not alone. In fact, far from it. Tis the season when the reports come out from the fabulous research departments at organizations like Theater Communications Group and The Broadway League. Curious what you and your theater going colleagues were up to last year? Without further ado… There […]

Why do good shows fail on Broadway?

Date December 13, 2012

As some of you know, I write a weekly article called Brisa’s Pieces (don’t laugh!!) about the business of theater for the licensing house, Music Theatre International (MTI). They have a fabulous website, and my article there this week struck a chord so I thought I’d share it with you as well… Have you ever […]

Do You Have Musical Theater Trust Issues?

Date November 27, 2012

I was coming up out of the Subway into Times Square the other day and, not surprisingly, was thinking about new musicals. Just then, I witnessed the perfect metaphor for the writer – producer relationship in musical theater. You’ve probably seen this very thing before if you’ve ever taken the subway… The elevator was broken […]

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