Would you jump through “hoops” for your musical?

Lysistrata JonesWith basketball season coming to an end  (or at least that’s what my sporty friends tell me) I’ve been thinking about teams.

I know  little about basketball –  my experience is mostly limited to elementary school and not ever being able to make a single free throw.  But what I do know is that the members of the team are constantly passing the ball to advance the play.  In order for a team to ultimately win a game, the players have to share the same mindset, work in harmony, pass the ball, and get it to the player who has the clearest shot at the basket.

Musical theater relies on teams as well.  A writing team. A producing team. The collective “creative team.” And just like winning in basketball, getting a show off the ground requires true team work in the sporting sense. A highly functioning musical theater team will know exactly where and when to “pass the ball.” For example…

If the writing team is struggling to get the next draft done, how can the rest of the creative team step up to clear the writers’ plate or provide the right resources?

If the producers are raising the capitalization money for a show, how can the writers make introductions or make themselves available for a full court press?

Alternatively, it’s also natural for a team member to need to take a breather on the bench every once in a while. At that point the rest of the team should be willing to step up and cover the bases (oops, wrong sport).

That’s the beauty of a team.

So before you worry that someone on your creative team may drop the ball, don’t forget that when you have a well functioning team, regardless of who’s in or who’s out at any given moment, your new musical will always be at the top of its game.

Go team!


  1. I’m experiencing the joy of a great team right now in the third production of my musical (now at NYMF). How right you are about stepping up as a team when someone needs a breather!

    Thanks as always for the posts!

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