Who’s Your Broadway Valentine?

As the country prepares to celebrate the upcoming holiday of hearts and kisses, we here at Make Musicals are going to share a little love with the people who inspire us in this crazy, wonderful business of show. Care to join us?

It’s simple!

Just write an email of gratitude to someone in the theater (living or dead) who has inspired you and send it to us at valentine@makemusicals.com. Let us know if you want us to post it anonymously or signed.

If a handwritten love letter is more your style, take a photo of your note and either email the photo to valentine@makemusicals.com or tweet it to Make Musicals at @brisatrinchero with the hashtag #makemusicalsvalentine.

If you’re tech savvy and your camera of choice is Instagram, make sure it is synced up with your Twitter account so it publishes on both applications.

Between now and February 14th, we’re compiling all the letters and notes in a digital collection of inspiration, admiration, and love. See it here:  http://makemusicals.com/broadway-valentines/We’ll also do our best to make sure your letter’s recipient sees your note (unless that would require a seance).

Join us and everyone else who loves this business and the amazing people who make it possible. Take a few minutes to tell someone what they mean to you, share a story, or a few words of gratitude.

Perhaps you’ll write to the theater person you have always wanted to be. Maybe it’s the person who got you excited about show business in the first place. Maybe it’s someone you know or have worked with. Or perhaps it’s the person who’s career and talent you’ve admired from afar.

It’s easy to think that our theater idols, whether on stage or behind the curtain, go home every night with bursting mail sacks and email boxes full of fan mail. But that’s just not true. Heartfelt fan mail is rarer than you might think. We know of more than a few theater icons who have fan letters they’ve kept close their hearts, tucked away for a rainy day.

You may or may not get a response. But that’s not the point. The point is to do something wonderful for someone who has done something wonderful for you. And who knows? While you’re writing your letter, someone may be writing one to you!

So whether you adore Valentine’s day or begrudge Hallmark’s favorite time of year, this is your chance to spread a little bit of theater love.

Send us your letter today!

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  1. j’aime le théatre et pour moi Randy Harrison est un magnifique acteur capable de susciter beaucoup d’émotions à partager avec son public. il est multiple, il chante et sa voix magnifique nous transporte. je lui dois un grand moment lors de sa reprise de Tommy des Who, un retour en arrière pour moi à une période où j’étais jeune et pleine d’espoirs.
    Jean Cocteau a dit que le bonheur n’est pas un état permanent mais la somme d’une multitude d’instants , et Randy Harrison nous en apporte beaucoup.
    c’est à cela aussi que sert le théatre. je lui souhaite beaucoup de beaux rôles et beaucoup de plaisir à les interpréter et toujours la reconnaissance de son talent.

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