For A Good Time…er…Musical, Call…

Don't play hard to get when it comes to giving a producer or theater company easy access to your phone number.

Just a quick public service announcement…

Privacy is a hot button issue these days, but in some musical theater related cases it’s not in your best interest to lock down your contact info. I was reminded of this recently as we were narrowing down the festival finalists for the New Musicals Festival I’m working on at Village Theater.

As we honed in on a short list of new musicals, we had some questions for the writers about availability and script updates. However, a quick glance at several of the scripts revealed author names but NO CONTACT INFO!

I’m sure at some point during the submission process these capable writers had included a cover letter with all that info –  and it was safe in a file somewhere. But at the 11th hour, deep into the meeting, when decisions were being made and we wanted to pick up the phone and get some answers, it became an ordeal to try to track down the owners of these excellent new musicals.

So please, put your NAME, PHONE NUMBER, and EMAIL ADDRESS on everything from your script to your demo CD (unless it’s a blind script submission of course).  In fact, if you want to be extra sure you get the call, put your info in the footer of your script so it appears on every page.

The moral of this story: If you ever want to see your name in lights, start by making sure your name and number are front and center.


  1. Absolutely. In fact it is standard practice to put such info on every page of a screenplay.
    That way if the cover page gets lost, the info is still there !

  2. Thanks for the reminder.

    An excellent idea about adding contact info to the footer of each script page. I hadn’t considered that. 🙂

    David Wisehart
    Producer, “Virginia City, a new musical”

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