Banking On Bank Robbers With Broadway’s Bonnie & Clyde

Laura Osnes & Jeremy Jordan star in Bonnie & Clyde the new Broadway musical.

I’ve had a thrilling few weeks! Those of you who follow me on social media already know but for the rest of you…I’ve come on board as an above the title producer of the new Broadway musical, Bonnie & Clyde!

And as someone who is devoted to musical theater writers and producers, I’m finding myself in great company on this show. The number of Oscars, Tony’s, hit songs and hit shows that have come from the members of this creative and producing teams is staggering. I’m bringing my best work to the table and learning a ton along the way.

Rehearsals started this week so I spent Monday morning in a Broadway rehearsal studio with my fellow producers and the entire cast and creative team. I had to correct more than a few new people when they assumed that I was in the cast rather than on the producing team – it’s true, as one of the youngest people in the room I probably did seem more like a chorus girl than a producer.

The cast and creative team of Bonnie & Clyde. Photo Credit: Walter McBride / Retna Ltd.

The long-time Broadway producers, Jeffrey Richards, Jerry Frankel & Kathleen Raitt led the meet and greet where we all introduced ourselves.  Always exhilirating to be able to say, “Brisa Trinchero, PRODUCER!”

Following the introductions, distinguished director, Jeff Calhoun, and the writers; Broadway household name, Frank Wildhorn, the legendary Don Black, and screenwriter Ivan Menchell, said a few words about the show (if you have time, click through the links to get a sense of their credits). The positive energy in the room was palpable. The  set designer, Tobin Ost, then walked us through the latest set model, followed by the cast sitting down for the first table read of the latest script!

It was fun to finally have everyone in the same room. Up until that point, various cross sections of the creative and producing teams had been meeting to discuss the designs, marketing, casting, etc., but this was the first time everyone was together in the room and we immediately felt like a team – and have new show t-shirts to prove it!

Anyway, I wanted to bring you up to speed as there will be periodic posts as I learn interesting things to pass along to you in the coming months. The media stopped by this week so I’m pleased to share the following clips from rehearsals so far… Enjoy!

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  1. Hey congrats Brisa. “You Love Who You Love” may be the first Broadway song (from an original cast album– Glee not included) to hit the pop or country charts since “One Night in Bangkok” in 1995.

    I like Don Black with Frank Wildhorn. I saw Merlin, his first Broadway musical– which was also Nathan Lane’s first Broadway musical. (Strangely I had no idea Lane was in that show until just now– though I was at opening night for his Broadway debut in Present Laughter.)

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