The Step You MUST Take Today to Ensure Your Musical’s Future

Today, I just have just one very important question for you: DO YOU OWN YOUR SHOW’S DOMAIN NAME? As in,

If your answer is no, do it now.


It’s cheap, easy and absolutely vital to the future of your show.

I recently did a random search of shows that have come across my desk and I must say, I was shocked that only half of them had purchased their own domains. I really can’t stress the importance of doing this. You can worry about building a website later but once the domain is gone, it could be gone for good and you don’t want to deal with the expensive, time consuming and unpleasant consequences.

Parking Your Domain

Domain Parking
Domain Parking this way

Consequences could include having to buy it off someone who may be out for a buck with no incentive to give you a deal or ending up with a smear campaign or an unsavory site on your most obvious site name. You could also lose the domain to a competitor who just so happens to be adapting the same story. Having to create a different, less obvious and therefore less searchable domain is a headache you don’t want.

Convinced yet?

Here’s how to do it:

  • Search for your ideal domain name as in Or if your title is unavailable try adding “musical” or “Broadway” to the end like or
  • If you want to play it safe, buy ALL of the variations above for your particular title.
  • If you want to play it really safe, throw in .net and .org too.
  • Purchase the domains for at least a year. (TIP: Buying them for 5 years will increase your search rankings once your site is up.) Each domain should be less than $10.00 so skip your morning latte or cocktail this weekend and invest that money in ensuring the marketing future of your show.

Rest easy knowing that your musical’s online presence is secure.

Are you still reading this post . . . ?! Stop reading and start buying your domain! You’ll thank me for it and you’ll thank yourself when you are ready to share your new show with the world online.


  1. Absolutely excellent advice! I have already purchased 3 domains for my musical, but will consider buying one or all of them for 5 years. My website is being created, almost finished. Do not want any visitors until I can have my best foot forward. When I’m satified with it, will post it on linkedin. Many thanks for your input!

  2. Good advice. I’d say the play is safe advice is really mandatory. If the domains are available, go ahead and pick up all of them (,,, Locking down the .net and .org certainly aren’t going to hurt either. You will have a very small investment that will pay big dividends once you get your production to market. You really don’t want to pay a king’s ransom to domineers or watch ticket scalpers siphon off your revenues. Also for social media purposes, go ahead and lock down your Twitter name and Facebook page. As more and more people seek out the advice of others online for their show selection, social media will be one of the most important methods of promotion in the coming years.

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